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The DIVA Foundation is a national nonprofit 501(c)(3) charitable organization founded by humanitarian and Emmy Award-winning actress Sheryl Lee Ralph as a memorial and life-long pledge to the many friends she lost to AIDS while originating her iconic role in Dreamgirls on Broadway. Pairing strong family values with rising fame, Ralph used her spotlight to mobilize resources, fight stigma, fundraise, and deliver urgent messaging around the awareness and prevention of transmission of HIV/AIDS. 

The DIVA Foundation is committed to achieving better health outcomes for all people through innovative programming using the transformative power of the arts. The foundation structures its programming under five pillars: Health Awareness, Women and Girls, LGBTQ+, Social Justice & Racial Equity, and Food & Housing Insecurity. The DIVA Foundation believes we can help others realize healthier and enriched lives if we “dare to care about humanity.”

For over three decades, Sheryl Lee Ralph has used her voice to uplift and educate audiences while helping to eradicate the stigma around HIV that persists to this day. Sheryl Lee Ralph is uniquely poised to broaden and advance her Foundation’s role in the fight for social justice and health equity.

Since its inception in 1990, The DIVA Foundation has raised over $3.5M from corporations and individuals to deliver community-based programs targeting the most at-risk for poor health outcomes, including people living with HIV/AIDS and those left even more vulnerable by comorbidities.


The DIVA Foundation is committed to empowering vulnerable communities to achieve better health outcomes through innovative programs that harness the transformative power of the arts. 

Our programs are rooted in five pillars: Health Awareness, Women and Girls, LGBTQ+, Social Justice & Racial Equity, and Food & Housing Insecurity. Through our work, The DIVA Foundation inspires and educates individuals to take action, positively impact their lives, and pay it forward to their communities. We firmly believe in caring for humanity, engaging communities, breaking down barriers, and promoting understanding and empathy. 

Our mission is to support and advocate for those traditionally underserved and underrepresented and to create a more just and fair world for all.

Areas of Focus

Women & Girls

Health Awareness


Social Justice & Racial Equity

Food & Housing Insecurity


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